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A coding agency exclusively for marketing agencies. Our founders have decades of experience in your shoes, so not only do we get you - we got you!

Nerder has been one of Calgary's top web development firms. We specialize in developing complex sites with advanced features, e-commerce capabilities, and custom built web applications. We’ve built a lot of websites. In fact, over the last dozen years we’ve built over 300 websites, most were built on Content Management Systems and many of which included E-commerce functionality. That’s a lot of websites, you’d think we were a software building machine! But we aren’t. Deep down, we are people just like you, that's why it’s fun to work with us.

As former marketing agency owners, we get the App Development Company. We’ve been around since the internet's early days and together we have a combined 45 years’ experience. Some people say we are elders - in online years. Other people say we have special powers.